Crew & Staff

Lenny Mosco | CEO

From early childhood, Lenny had a great love for film, television, and animation. As a young man, he and his father would often head to the theater to see all the new blockbuster movies that came out. Being big Disney fans, Lenny, and his family would often take trips to Disney World in Florida. This is where a lot of his inspiration came from creatively. As a young man, Lenny often spent time on film sets helping his father with their small New Jersey-based film company. One of Lenny’s passions is writing and he has written many fanatical short stories. Being an avid Anime fan, the inspiration for the name 10th Voyage Studios came from one of his favorite Anime series, One Piece. In 2008, a couple of years after moving to Palm Coast, Florida, Lenny met the Creative husband and wife team of Scott and Sandra Nance. They all had a common love for the cinema and they would later become business partners in 10th Voyage Studios, one of Northeast Florida’s premiere motion picture and production facilities.

Len Mosco | Executive Producer

Len’s love for motion pictures and film started as a young man when he took his first film job as a Production Assistant for a feature film in New Jersey. This would later bring him in front of the camera as an actor. Len has appeared in motion pictures, such as Carlito’s Way and City Hall and has also appeared on Television shows such as The Cosby Mysteries and Central Park West. While Len was truly inspired by the many actors and actresses he has been fortunate to work with he also really enjoyed watching, first hand , how these productions took place. Len eventually started a mid-level motion picture and film company in New Jersey, along with his partner, Tom Mikolajczyk. They produced Feature Films, Documentaries, Music Videos and Reality Shows. Len used to take his son Lenny along with him on his movie sets when he was very young. This also inspired Lenny who is now partners in, and the CEO of, 10th Voyage Studios in Palm Coast Florida. Len has now taken on the position of Executive Producer where he works alongside with the amazing talent at 10th Voyage Studios helping to produce the finest in Motion Pictures, Reality Shows, Documentaries and Web Media.

Patrick Appolonia | Writer/Director/Producer

Born in New Jersey and raised in Florida, Patrick’s filmmaking and acting aspirations began at a young age. After graduating from the University of Central Florida, Patrick relocated to New York City where he studied the film and television craft while working on a variety of projects both in front of and behind the camera, writing, directing and acting in television, short film, feature, theatre and music projects working in both the NYC and Los Angeles areas, while teaching the craft of acting, and improv in multiple schools that include the New York Film Academy. Having spent as much time in front of the camera as behind it, Patrick prides himself on being an “actor’s director” that understands and values the needs of each individual actor, in order to help achieve the best final results with each project. With a wide array of influences and a passion that includes all technical aspects of the filmmaking process, Patrick is proud to be a part of the 10th Voyage Studios team and looks forward to serving clients in all of their screenwriting, directing, on-camera talent and musical soundtrack/score needs.

Andre’ Dixon | Writer/Director/Producer

As a teenager, Dixon was known as the go-to guy for, painting portraits and illustrating coming books characters. After watching Superman the movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T., his interest in the film-making process began. Immediately after H.S. graduation and enrolled at Columbia College of Chicago in the film program, but the cost of education on his own dollar proved too high at the time and he joined the U.S. Navy so he could receive the G.I. Bill to attend college.

After 8 years of honorable service and was discharged and began to pursue his interest in film-making again. The Panasonic DVX100 became available to the public and Andre’ took a chance on pursuing his dream of becoming an Indie filmmaker. He started a company called Inertia Images.

From 2006 to 2008 he directed 3 music videos, produced the short film “Stranger”, directed a Chicago-based play The Serpent Woman, and directed two short films The Sullen Girl and Lights and Sirens. It was at this time he began sketching out ideas of a female assassin whose backdrop was set in a futuristic dystopian city known as Technopolis.Technopolis was shot as a proof of concept with the hope of it being both a television series and feature film franchise.

He is currently in the pre-production stages for the horror film The Autumn Wind. Film-making is his love and passion and his pursuit of bringing his vision to the masses is one he pursues with heart, dedication, and excellence.

Dayle Lang | Director of Marketing & Social Media

Dayle is part pixel pusher, part digital wizard, & part social media mad scientist who is passionate finding beautiful and dynamic solutions that develop a community of engaged users and customers.  She is also a chronic extrovert who enjoys cooking, gaming, and retro sci-fi. In addition to Social Media Marketing and Design, Dayle runs and contributes to a CC0 stock images site called Nomad.Pictures, where she features photos from both her international travels and day to day life. Dayle has also recently begun working in the field of Voice Acting for commercial and non-commercial enterprises. Find out more about Dayle and see samples of her work at

James Rocknowski | Vice President of Licensing and Product Development

For twenty-one (21) years, James Rocknowski (54) served as President of Speed Racer Enterprises. He initiated and managed all corporate activities including licensing, merchandising, production, distribution, social media, music publishing and more, on a worldwide basis for the entertainment franchise Speed Racer.

Prior to his involvement with Speed Racer, James served as Director of Development for Harmony Gold USA. There, he spearheaded the development of the Robotech animated television series, and Executive Produced the first English episode adaptation. James was promoted to Vice-President of Licensing, where he was responsible for the merchandising of the series.

Prior to working with Harmony Gold, James served as Marketing Director for 3 years at Revell Toys, a major model kit and toy manufacturer. James joined the creative team of 10Th Voyage Studios upon it’s opening in August of 2013.