The very first episode of The Voice Over Show is now LIVE and ready to view for FREE!

Thank you so much to all of our fans, friends, and family while supporting us in pre-production we couldn’t be happier or more excited to share Episode 1 with you featuring League Of Legends voice actor Dennis Johnson! You can watch the full episode for free via our ever growing YouTube Channel! If you enjoy the episode, please consider supporting us by Liking & Subscribing!

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For a full list of live episodes and to find out who’s coming on the show next, visit us as!


Greg Snegoff, (Cosmopoloop International), to air “Squadra Antimafia”  here in the United States!

10th Voyage Studios is excited to announce that Voice Actor, Writer, Producer, Director and friend of The Voice Over Show, Greg Snegoff, through his company, Cosmopoloop International, will air for the first time ever in the United States the Italian hit TV Show, “Squadra Antimafia”–in English. This top-rated show, now in its 8th season, will air on free TV in Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland. Cosmopoloop International produced the English-language version and Greg wrote the adaption, (dubbing script), directed the voice actors in the studio and also voices one of the principal actors in the series. 

Greg Snegoff is one of the original writers, director and also played many of the voices of the cult series, “Robotech”, among many others. Patrick Appolonia, Producer ofThe Voice Over Show, along with Show Host Lenny Mosco and Co-Host Xavier Gonzales, said they are “very excited to be having Greg as a guest in an upcoming episode ofThe Voice Over Show.”     

For more information regarding “Squadra Antimafia”, please contact Cosmopoloop International at:


10th Voyage Studios wraps “Fix Your Classroom” Reality Show Pilot!

headshot 2

10th Voyage Studios is happy to announce they have completed the shoot and post production of the Trailer for the highly anticipated reality show, “Dr. Yvette: Fix My Classroom©”. The shoot took place on Friday, February 19th, 2016 at Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida. Dr. Yvette, (Ursula Yvette Scott, Ph.D.), is the CEO of 31st & Seventh Media, which is a US-based media powerhouse specializing in acquiring, producing, broadcasting and publishing content. Dr. Yvette is also the author of “Man’s Little Book of Plays” and “Forty & Fabulous: Forty ways to live your best days…After 40.”

10th Voyage Studios Producer, Patrick Appolonia and CEO, Lenny Mosco said, “It was a wonderful shoot. Dr. Yvette and her team did an Awesome job putting this production together and we look forward to the success of this great series.” For more information about the series, “Dr. Yvette: Fix My Classroom,” or to contact Dr. Yvette, please visit:



August 4, 2015
The Outbreak Has Commenced
Zombie Clean-Up,the long awaited show from 10th Voyage Studios debuted today on YouTube. Check it out now at the following link:



July 20, 2015
Paranormal Talk Show Finds Home at 10th Voyage
thats so bizarre logo high res final
10th Voyage Studios and the zany, paranormal YouTube show That’s SO Bizarre
have joined forces to share stories of the unexplained.

The paranormal talk show featuring the stories of ordinary people who’ve experienced “the weird, the wild, and the wonderful” began six months ago. Prior to their partnership, it was a solo project for creator and host Becky Pourchot ( who filmed the show in her home.

“Working with the crew at 10th Voyage has been fantastic,” Pourchot said. “Now with the amazing studio and a professional camera crew, I no longer have to worry about the technical end of the show and can completely focus on my guests and their great stories. I’m having a blast.”

Pourchot is the author of six books, including Open Souls and the Hungry Ghost Series( Inspired by the ghostly themes in her books, fans at book signings often confessed their own paranormal experiences to her. Pourchot, impressed with the number of strange stories in her small community of Flagler Beach, Florida decided theseexperiences needed to be heard and so “That’s SO Bizarre” was born. The transition to 10th Voyage Studio was an obvious one for Pourchot.

Pourchot is seeking out people in Northeastern Florida who have experienced strange, paranormal-like events and would be willing to share their stories. To date Pourchot has heard stories of angel encounters, out of body experiences, premonitions, time travel, ghosts, and UFO’s and is always eager to see what more is out there.

To contact Becky Pourchot with stories you can email her at



November 12, 2014
The Voice Over Show Website Now Live!
Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 10.46.58 PM

The Producer’s of 10th Voyage Studios’ newest online talk show, The Voice Over Show, have announced that The Voice Over Show website has been launched and is now live. Creative Artist and Animation Designer, Randy Williamson, , has created an artistic and beautiful site design for the show. This imaginative and fun website features photos of host, Lenny Mosco, information about the show, a sneak peek of The Amazing Voice Over Show Set and will soon feature a list of upcoming guests, show photos, video clips and much more. As social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more are added, Voice Over fans of the show, as well as fans from around the world, will be able to communicate with host Lenny Mosco about a variety of show and guest topics.

The Voice Over Show will feature light hearted and in depth interviews with some of the nation’s Top Voice Over Artists from Animation, Gaming and Motion Pictures. The Voice Over Show is scheduled to air as an online Web Series in the very early part of 2015. For more information, please visit The Voice Over Show official website.



October 28th, 2014
10th Voyage Studios is excited to announce that we have brought aboard Blue Whale Studios in Orlando, Florida, as the Special Effects Makeup Team for our Original TV and Web Series, “ Zombie Clean-Up” . On October 9th, 2014, the studio welcomed Season 5 Winner of Syfy’s “Face Off”, Laura Tyler to the set of a special photo shoot featuring two of the show’s main characters, played by Jim Ohlrich and Rob Pineda, two zombie actors and the show’s custom built ZOM1BEE Utility Truck. The photo shoot was performed by World Famous Photographer, Douglas Sonders.

Blue Whale Studios did an amazing job designing the special prosthetics that were used on the Zombie actors. Laura’s Special Effects Makeup skills had everyone on set in awe. “Everyone couldn’t stop raving about the very scary and extremely realistic looking Zombies that Laura had created”, said the show’s Executive Producer, Len Mosco. “We are excited to be working with the talented team at Blue Whale Studios and we look forward to working on many more projects with them going forward”, said Mosco.

Blue Whale Studios’ incredible work can also be seen in such films as: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, OZ: The Great and Powerful, Transformers 3, Green Lantern, Zombieland, and much more.

For more information about Blue Whale Studios please visit:
For more information about Dougles Sonders please visit:



September 12, 2014
10th Voyage Studios and the Producers of the new Reality Show, GOTHAM GARAGE, are excited to announce a collaboration with music producer, EXCISION, for the usage of their hit track, BRUTAL, as the music for the soon to be released Teaser for GOTHAM GARAGE.

The true champion of bass music, Excision hails from Kelowna, Britich Columbia. The founder of the Rottun Label, a bass music conglomerate that has shaped the sound of modern Bass music. Gotham Garage Executive Producer, Len Mosco and Producers, Patrick Appolonia, Scott Nance and Lenny Mosco are thrilled to feature this amazing music track for the upcoming GOTHAM GARAGE Teaser.

For more information about EXCISION please visit:



June 27th, 2014
10th Voyage Studios completes Principal Photography of the New and Wild show teaser of “GOTHAM GARAGE”
10th Voyage Studios is excited to announce that they have completed the Principal Photography of the Wild and New show teaser for “GOTHAM GARAGE”. Starring Custom and Movie car designer and builder, Mark Towle, GOTHAM GARAGE, is an automotive based reality show that features the amazing talent, wild antics and outspoken personality of Mark, as he designs and builds some of the most wildest and outrageous cars, trucks and basically anything with, (or without), wheels. This new GOTHAM GARAGE teaser is now in the post production phase and will soon be revealed to the general public. For more information, please contact



May 30, 2014
It’s a Wrap!
10th Voyage Studios is pleased to announce that principal photography on the Science Fiction Television Series, TECHNOPOLIS has bee completed. On Saturday, 5/26, TECHNOPOLIS Director, Andre’ Dixon, yelled, “It’s A Wrap”, completing the shooting of this amazing series, which has been in production for approximately one year. The final scene was shot at 10th Voyage Studios in Palm Coast, Florida, utilized most of the creative custom set designed and built by Sandra Nance. 10th Voyage Studios Manager, Pat Appolonia and TECHNOPOLIS Producer, Scott Nance were amongst the crew members to help with the shooting of the final scene, which featured actors Wendell Kinney and Mila Todorova.

With the Principal Photography now complete, the post production process has begun. 10th Voyage Studios Executive Producer, Len Mosco, explained that the Visual Effects, (VFX), for TECHNOPOLIS will be predominantly designed and created by Ryan McDermid of The Shop Studio and Rob Lutz of Pixel Barn. The impressive list of recent films they have worked on include: AMERICAN HUSTLE, 2 GUNS, ROCK OF AGES, THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON, THE SMURFS and THOR.

TECHNOPOLIS Director, Andre’ Dixon, promises a “sneak peek” of one of the scenes from the series within the next coming weeks.

For more information on Technopolis, visit the official IMDB page here, or the official Facebook page and “like” the series here.



May 2, 2014
10th Voyage Studios Nears Completion of Set for New Program The Voice Over Show
10th Voyage Studios has announced that they are nearing the completion of their new set for The Voice Over Show, staring Lenny Mosco. This amazing set was designed by Nicklas Farrentello, who has designed sets for such notable movies as Bad Boys II, Ali, The Waterboy and There’s Something About Mary. With the completion of the set nearing, the show’s producers Patrick Appolonia and Scott Nance have indicated that they will be starting rehearsals with show host, Lenny Mosco. The Voice Over Show will feature light hearted and in depth interviews with some of the Nation’s Top Voice Over Artists from Animation, Gaming and Motion Pictures. The Voice Over Show is scheduled to air the Summer, 2014. For more information please email us at:

March 28, 2014
Gotham Garage extended show trailer nears completion

10th Voyage Studios has announced that they are nearing the completion of the production of their new Gotham Garage Extended Teaser. On Wednesday, 3/26/14, the 10th Voyage Studio Crew shot additional footage for the teaser. This shoot included a Radical “Rat Rod” designed and built by Custom Rat Rod Builder, Tom Gross. (shown in photo below) Tom’s shop, Too Tone Customs, is located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Check out Tom’s Facebook page:


The day’s shoot also starred Actor and Director, Patrick Appolonia, Actor, Steve Kenny and young, local Actor, Aiden Skeans. Gotham Garage is an Automotive Reality Show featuring Custom Movie and Show Car builder, Mark Towle out of California.

February 19, 2014

We are proud to announce that 10th Voyage Studios will be collaborating with actor/producer Renny Roker on several upcoming projects. A veteran of the entertainment industry, Roker has appeared in television programs like Hill Street Blues and Gomer Pyle just to name a few. 10th Voyage Studios is excited to announce this collaboration, and more info on the projects will be available soon.

January 22, 2014

We are proud to announce that the Official Facebook of 10th Voyage Studios upcoming series Zombie Clean-Up has launched. Click here to visit the page and be sure to “like” the page for all the latest information, trailers, and episode release dates, including the first show’s first TV spot which is available now on the page.

January 14, 2014
We would like to congratulate the cast and crew of the film TechSquad which, over the weekend, won the 10th Voyage Studios award at the 1st Annual Flagler Film Festival in Palm Coast.

January 4, 2014
To kick off what is going to be a very exciting year for 10th Voyage Studios, we want to once again invite you to attend the 1st Annual Flagler Film Festival which is now only a week away, and will be taking place over the entire weekend of January 10-12 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Palm Coast. As official sponsors of the event, the studio will feature it’s customized movie cars on display throughout the weekend, and members of the production team will be on hand at the meet and greet section inside the event. For ticket information, visit

December 23, 2013

The staff and crew of 10th Voyage Studios would like to wish all our clients, friends, associates and their families a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, successful New Year.

December 13, 2013
10th Voyage Studios Wraps Lavender Grey Automotive Scene for Science Fiction Series TECHNOPOLIS.

10th Voyage Studios has completed the Custom Automovtive – Lavender Grey scene shoot for the Sci Fi series TECHNOPOLIS. On Friday, November 8th, 2013, the production team successfully shot an intricate scene at the 10th Voyage Studios green screen studio facility home base in Palm Coast, FL.

10th Voyage Studios is producing the TECHNOPOLIS series, and has contracted custom automotive builder Mike Vetter of the Car Factory, located in Mico, FL, to supply the studio with it’s amazing “Extra Terrestrial Vehicle” aka simply “ETV”, to use as TECHNOPOLIS character Lavender Grey’s car in the series. The Car Factory is owned and operated by Vetter and staffed with a diverse team stemming from extensive backgrounds from various facets of the automotive world. They also specialize in fiberglass and metal fabrication as was apparent by this amazing ETV vehicle used for the shoot. You can see more of their work at

“The ETV was perfect for this Technopolis scene” said studio President Scott Nance, who is one of the producers of TECHNOPLIS. “The large green screen facility located at 10th Voyage Studios was perfect for a shoot of this type as this unique vehicle was able to be moved into the many different positions necessary for the scene” he added. “TECHNOPOLIS is currently shooting prmarily in and around the Orlando, FL area. To see additional photos of the ETV used for the shoot, visit 10th Voyage Studios Facebook page at


December 6, 2013
10th Voyage Studios Announces Pre-Production of The Voice-Over Show

10th Voyage Studios has announced that they are in the pre-production phase of a new Web and Television Talk Show called, “The Voice Over Show”. The show’s creator and host will be 10th Voyage Studio’s CEO, Lenny Mosco and will feature interviews with some of the Nation’s Top Voice Over Artists in Animation, Gaming and Motion Pictures. The Show is being produced by Scott Nance and Patrick Appolonia.

The unique, one of a kind set for The Voice-Over Show is being designed by Production Designer and Art Director, Nicklas Farrantello. Some of Nicklas’s motion picture work includes, Bad Boys II, Ali, The Waterboy, and There’s Something about Mary, just to name a few. Nicklas has also designed many themed environments for Universal Studios Art and Design.

The Voice-Over Show is scheduled to premiere in Spring, 2014. For more information please email: or call (386) 264-6100

November 20, 2013
10th Voyage Studios teams up with Mark Towle to design vehicle for new television series

10Th Voyage Studios President, Scott Nance, who is the Creator of the new Television/Web Series, Zombie Clean-Up, has announced that they have teamed up with custom film and television Automotive Designer and builder, Mark Towle, for the design and build process of the show’s star vehicle, the “Zom Bee 1”.

Scott selected Mark Towle as he has always marveled at his amazing vehicle creations, such as The Speed Racer – Real Mach 5, The Munster Coach and The Kamen Riders Motorcycles, to just name a few. “I wanted to work with a creative and unique car designer and builder as we want The Zom Bee 1 to be an over the top creation to match the quirky main characters of the series” Nance said. “I’ve always loved Mark’s work and I am thrilled that we will be working with him (and) I’m glad he has accepted the challenge of designing this unique vehicle, which will be seen by millions of fans at conventions, auto shows and in multiple media platforms” he added.

Production and Principal Photography of the Zombie Clean-Up series has begun in Florida. Mark Towle’s initial sketches and design of the “Zom Bee 1” will be made available to the public shortly.

November 18, 2013
10th Voyage Studios announces their official sponsorship of the 1st. Annual Flagler Film Festival

10th Voyage Studios is proud to announce that we will be one of the official sponsors of the 1st Annual Flagler Film Festival, taking place January 10-12, 2014 at the Beautiful Hilton Garden Inn at Town Center in Palm Coast, FL We plan on having several of our movie cars on display at the Festival as well as a meet and greet section where participants can stop by to meet our production team throughout the weekend. We look forward to seeing you there. For more information regarding the Flagler Film Festival you may visit the Official Website of the Flagler Film Festival or the Official Facebook Page.
Please also feel free to contact us with any questions at: or by calling (386) 264-6100