Our Productions

10th Voyage Studios currently has multiple, original and co-produced projects in development.

They include:

As part of it’s burgeoning media initiatives,10th Voyage Studios of Palm Coast, FL is thrilled and chilled to present its first sitcom television and internet based series entitled “Zombie Clean-Up”!

A mysterious zombie outbreak shatters the peace in the quiet little town of Lake Lucille.
After the invasion is repelled, the zombie threat turns into a community nuisance with daily sightings of remaining zombies occurring within the city limits. The city council establishes a Zombie Clean-up Division to deal with these Stragglers in a hilarious fashion.

“I originally conceptualized the idea of two ordinary guys starting a zombie pest control company to clean-up zombie decay after an apocalypse. The ‘company’ morphed into a small city government division that is run by people who are a bit off the grid. With popular shows like ‘The Office’ and ‘Reno 911’ paving the way, we ended up with a reality driven, ‘Zom-edy’ concept that we loved. So, we gave the property the green light for production.” says Scott Nance, President of 10Th Voyage Studios and Creator of “Zombie Clean-Up”. Zombie Clean-Up is being Written and Directed by Patrick Appolonia.

An automotive, reality based television and internet series starring custom movie and show car designer and builder, Mark Towle. Mark has built some of the most recognized vehicles in the world, including The Real Mach 5 from the beloved, Classic Speed Racer cartoon series, The Munster Coach, The Kamen Rider Motorcycles from the TV Series, The Kamen Riders and much more.
Mark works alone in his California “Gotham Garage”, totally alone, designing and building some of the most unique vehicles in the world. Beneath his tough and rugged exterior Mark has a Heart of Gold, and it shows by his interactions with the many clients he builds these dream vehicles for. The “Gotham Garage” television series focuses on Mark’s life, his amazing builds and the lives of those who’s dreams he has made into a reality.



Technopolis is a Futuristic Science Fiction Action Series that takes place in a fictional city of the same name in the year 2049. Technopolis takes place in a dystopian future in a world that depicts a devastated city on the recovery of a major Civil War. The local police forces have begun to fail. Martial law is eminent. Supplies and food are scarce. As a result, a mass majority of citizens are looking for new leadership. Technopolis was created by and is being directed by Andre’ Dixon, of Orlando, Florida.

Plot Outline: Devastated after a second American Civil War, the citizens turn to a merciless leader who has plans to turn Technopolis into a super power that’s capable of unifying all the states again under his rule. A few key members of the city come together under with a common need with hopes of stopping him.

10th Voyage Studios is currently shooting Technopolis in multiple cities throughout Florida. This production includes an unbelievable cast or characters, high impact stunts and amazing visual effects.

The Voice Over Show
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10th Voyage Studios has many other projects currently in development. Stay tuned for more information.